Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gato Says I'm Sorry

One day in late October or November of 2001 I had a teacher friend over to help her input grades into a grade book. I had everything set up the table was cleared and a light was strung across the dining room to the table for more lighting. I knew this might be dangerous but left it anyway. My friend arrived and we settled into grading papers. It was getting late in the day and I saw Mrs Gato stroll over to her food dish with her tail in the air. Then what I didn't want to happen; happened. Mrs Gato caught her tail on the cord hanging in the kitchen. She took off like a rocket and the lamp rolled on the floor. Thankfully Mrs Gato was not hurt and the lamp did not break. I calmly went back to work on the papers without the lamp. When I glanced back in the living room, there was Mrs Gato laying with her head in her paws. Then she looked up and said as clear as day "mmorry" (sorry) My friend was amazed! "She said I'm sorry!"
I just grinned and said "yep she talks"
Mrs Gato got a tiny piece of my lunch of curried lamb and all was forgiven.
But Mrs Gato did not stop there. When I went to bathroom later to freshen up I asked "Mrs Gato where are you?" She answered just as clearly "I'm mmriiight here!"
 My friend was blown away again. "She said I'm right here!"
 I giggled "yep she talks and now she's showing off. Where are you Mrs Gato?" She again answered "Here I aaamm!"
We all had a good laugh.
I love my talking cat Mrs Gato