Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Men Attraction

As you have read; Mrs Gato was raised by a man in a wheel chair. Well she kept some of her affinity for men even into her later years.
We are now in Punahauo street in Hawaii
One morning after spending a quiet time reading with me on the sofa Mrs Gato leaped to the top of the dresser. She was not agile and pretty much liked to keep all four on the floor; so this was quite unexpected behavior. I got up and followed her gaze out the window. Down below were some men adding stucco to the outside of a house. They had been there for 5 days now and were making pretty slow progress. What made this day different was that the boss showed up. I could not believe my eyes. There stood a spitting image of her former owner if he would have been able to stand. He was about 6 feet tall lean and muscled. I could certainly admire him too. Mrs Gato had either heard or smelled the difference in this man's presence and identified it as something she knew. I was amazed
Ok so we moved yet again. Now we are on the other side of Punch Bowl in Hawaii.
I slide between the cool sheets to tuck in for a good read. Low and behold Mrs Gato makes a flying leap to the top of my dresser again this time with such vigor she scratches my cheek with her claws. What on earth! I peak out the closed curtains for a look into the dark expecting to see a big monster cat prowling around. Wow was I in for shock. There on the far side of the alley was another apartment with an open window to their bathroom. The man of the house was taking a hot steamy shower! Again he looked just like her former owner and my ex boyfriend. I have a peeping Toma cat!
Hope you had a good laugh. Mrs Gato loved me but she really knew her men.