Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here I wanted to jot down some creative saying that Gato and I said to eachother. Sometimes I would hear her voice in my head and sometimes I would make up different names to call things which she responded to.

"Paws Up!" = high five...err...high 4 in her case
"Whiskers Touch" = kiss kiss
"Fur Off!" = no clothes on!
"Foot Pads" = shoes
"Nose to Tail Weather" = cold!

I'll add more when I remember them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fat Cat

Today I want to tell about the time Gato was a fat cat. I know she would not like the title of this entry, but it has a good ending.
For awhile I was on a very limited income and could not afford her usual Nutro Max Salmon flavored crunchies. Instead I bought a cheap box at the grocery store. I gave her regular canned food at dinner. Then around 2 weeks later Gato started spreading out in the middle. I just took it to mean that Gato was getting older and slower and thus gaining more weight. 3 weeks went by when I got my new issue of Cat Talk. There was an article in it identifying the main ingredients in most cat food brands on the market. The article went on to say that the cheaper dry food uses corn as a filler. Cats are not able to digest much starch and so it turns to fat right away. The next level up uses soy protein. And the highest quality uses animal protein. The highest quality was also the highest priced. The Nutro Max was one of those higher quality foods. I showed Gato the article. Yes I turned the page to her so she could see it. I said "Well it says here that we should be feeding you the more expensive diet so that you don't gain weight. Ok so the next time I get a check, I will get you the kind you like"
Did you know that for 1 week Gato did not touch her crunchies! I kept checking to refill it. She ate her canned food. But she stopped eating the cheap dry food all together. I was amazed at her knowledge of the English language. As promised, I bought the one she liked a week later. Within 2 weeks she was back to her normal weight and her fur was soft and shiny.